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We have worked since 1970 to develop a collection of what we have named the American Pied Indian Ringnecks as their origin is rooted entirely in American stock. We are currently producing more than six primary mutations expressed through the Autosomal Recessive Pied mutation.

It was an honor to receive the most prestigious award in American Aviculture, the AVY Award in 1984 for developing the American Pieds in captivity, as we have never bred wild-caught or imported ringneck stock. Each pied inherits a distinctive pattern at hatching and retains that pattern throughout their life.

Our web site is meant to be entertaining as well as informative. We hope you enjoy your visit and will return often and watch our progress as we build our interactive cyber magazine to present our collection of parrots and especially the beautiful American Pieds.


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Telephone 1 (626) 966-5626
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